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      Hanfbasiertes Leben seit 2009.
      Visit us at Cultiva Wien 2019 | World premiere of our hemp cake and European premiere of our hemp beer
      Media Day Hänfling and Hempfield | Advertising video shoot
      Dear Hanfbörsianer,
      here is an addendum to the Cannabis Drinks Expo, which took place on July 25 in the Conference Center in South San Francisco. At first, we were very proud of having come the long way and mastered all import hurdles. This allows us to claim with a broad chest that we were the only Europeans, and therefore non-Americans, at the first fair of this kind. A registered Dutch company did not show up, probably due to the extreme import regulations that spoil one’s fun. But only almost! At the fair we could put our German Hemp Beer and Linnet very well in scene. Especially the Ploppverschluss caused a stir. We have definitely fulfilled our requirements and represented our beer culture accordingly. In addition to the show, the week was filled with surprisingly fresh San Francisco meetings with managers of leading dispensaries. Quasi the pharmacy coffee shops of America. Some exemplary-led companies can serve us as role models in terms of presentation, but also safety aspects and product range, such as Barbary Coast. Special thanks go to TryBasa who were so nice to show us their Indoor Growing halls and also to Jetty Extracts for the confidence to show us their THC extraction plants and production facilities. A real paradise for our eyes and nose. We hope to work in a few years! In conclusion, America was worth more than a trip, and we hope to build on long-lasting relationships.
      Greetings from Halberstadt,
      Your Hanf-Werner

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