Hanfbörse – Hanfbasiertes Leben seit 2009.
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      Hanfbasiertes Leben seit 2009.
      Addendum Cannabis Drinks Expo San Francisco 2019 | Successful presentation of our German Hemp Beer
      ALDI SUISSE has CBD plants on 24.10.2019 in the offer!
      Dear Hanfbörsianer,
      the legal intoxication of alcohol has moved us to set a small sign for the legal enjoyment of the hemp plant. In the form of the linnet. This 20% cerebrospinal fluid based on the graceful bird Linnet (or Flaxfinger) is already available in many well-stocked bars. Best ordered the same with us by phone! In order to adequately present this hempy liquor, we spared no expense and efforts and shot a promotional video with a friendly videographer in different locations of our hemp field near Hedersleben and our bottling plant in Köthen. In short you can see it here too. Have fun with it!

      Greetings from Halberstadt,
      Your Hanf-Werner

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