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      Hanfbasiertes Leben seit 2009.
      Addendum Cannabis Drinks Expo San Francisco 2019 | Successful presentation of our German Hemp Beer
      Dear Hanfbörsianer,
      on the second weekend in October, we will exhibit our wonderful hemp oil press at Europe’s best hemp trade fair and congress – at Cultiva Wien 2019. We are very proud to be one of the few craft exhibitors. Every day at 2:00 pm you can see for yourself how our hemp oil is pressed and even take home the freshest hemp oil. In addition, there will once again be a Hanfbörsen premiere. With a regional and long-established bakery from Saxony-Anhalt, we have carved the early morning hours around the ears to develop a hemp cake. The final results can be tested live and in color on the Cultiva. So much I want to reveal: it is flowery, chocolaty and it crackles tremendously. In addition, we will of course bring our classic the Linnet and our German Hemp Beer, which was presented at the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco. Even in the varieties dark and light.
      Look forward to it! We definitely do it!
      Greetings from Halberstadt,
      Your Hanf-Werner

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