Why Hanfbörse

The name Hanfbörse does not come from approximately. Does not refer to a monetary exchange like we know it today. But much more on the basic idea of ​​exchange. Thus a hemp exchange.

Due to the banishment of hemp at the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of hemp harvesting machines are also located on this stand. Thus, even today, only one third of the hemp plant can be selectively harvested. No one succeeds in harvesting roots, stems, leaves, blossoms and nuts in a combined manner and yet processing them separately. Therefore, one of our basic philosophies was to build a platform for farmers and companies to strive for full utilization of the hemp plant. According to the solidarity motto: “One waste, it is another profit!”



All our products have confidently earned the stamp “Regional”. First, the ideas are forged in Halberstadt – also affectionately called “Half City”. We always try to do everything on our own but we also reach our limits and thus have strong regional partners in the hemp boat. To name just a few examples: A traditional gold-bakery from Köthen bakes our hemp cake, a well-known and well-known brewery from Halle an der Saale brews our hemp beer, a family-run distillery from Köthen fills our hemp schnapps. In addition, we can watch our favorite ingredient grow every day. Only 20 minutes away from Half City stands our 50 hectare hemp field – so far no one can see – ordered with the European hemp variety Finola.

All partners were aware that the next step could also be taken. Scalability is the keyword here. Everyone can, will and will take the giant steps into a green future!


Where we come from

Since 2009 we are proud to lead a hemp-based life on our flag.

It all started with the Klosterkammer Hannover. Our creative head Andreas was trying to get more guests, especially teenagers, to the monastery doors. Made, done – Andreas proudly introduced his idea to the nuns. A hemp labyrinth is to be planted in front of her door. Horrified, the ladies clapped their hands over their heads. But Andreas replied: “But what would the Hildegart say?” The ladies did not hesitate for a second and gave the go-ahead for the project.

Hildegart von Bingen was the first German seer in the 11th and 12th centuries. Among other things, she planted cannabis sativa in the monastery garden in Hannover and swore by the healing effect.

Three more labyrinths near Halberstadt followed and became a major destination for young and old alike. The national press reported on radio and television, and a troupe of 50 lawyers also praised themselves in the hemp labyrinth.

Coming from the education corner Andreas decided in 2018 to give the company a new coat of paint. Jonathan and Kilian joined the hemp boat as freelancers with their own companies. Not only the logo was a makeover missed, and the number of product blows was increased. In addition to the existing hemp oil and hemp paps, a hemp beer was presented at the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, USA (July 2019) and hemp cake at the Cultiva hemp fair Vienna, Austria (October 2019).

Hildegard von Bingen himself wrote:
“He who has an empty brain and eats hemp, he causes some pain in his head. But he does not hurt the healthy head and the full brain. “


Where we want to go

The future is green! This much is certain, otherwise many generations will not have a future. How green in it actually the hemp flourishes is up to us. Our goal is clear. We want to create Hemp City. What sounds like a utopia now is no more and no less than a life task. A diet change is also no diet. Imagine a city, a state, a world where life is based on hemp. Sustainable, cheaper, healthier and happier does not make us a plant. With all facets! All humanity knew this until, in the twentieth century, we came up with the idea of ​​demonizing the oldest cultivated plant in the world for racist and economic reasons. Let’s make the 21st green again!

Hemp City will provide educational facilities such as kindergartens, schools, universities for all interest groups such as u.a. Doctors, doctors, growers, and business people create hospitals, as well as pharmacies for patients. Of course, all are supplied with all kinds of hemp food and drinks, and the entire infrastructure is built and isolated on buildings and vehicles made of hemp. What a wonderful world!